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Gamefound Campaign is Live!

Get a copy of the second printing of Euthia: Torment of Resurrection including all previously released content as well as the new expansion, Fierce Powers.

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Strategy Open-World Sandbox RPG

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About Euthia

Euthia: Torment of Resurrection is a competitive strategic role-playing board game set in an open fantasy world. Players choose one of six heroes and uncover a modular map full of quests, precious natural resources, and dangerous enemies. The heroes gain experience, learn unique skills,obtain new equipment and treasure, and explore places of elemental power. All of this will be necessary to win one of the eight scenarios. Every scenario brings new gameplay mechanics to the general ruleset, resulting in completely different game experiences and necessitating the use of various strategies.

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Why Kickstarter?

In 2017, after more than 2 years of work, we succeeded in a Czech crowdfunding project and released Legendy země Euthie (Legends of Euthia). The game has had great reception from players and we’ve since decided to release a new, reworked, and greatly improved edition of the game called Euthia: Torment of Resurrection, which incorporates the feedback received from hundreds of players. The game is already finished and now we want to release and distribute it all around the world. Kickstarter was the starting line of our journey towards getting the game into the hands of players, fans of fantasy, and distributors. Join us on this journey and be the first to get each update!

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    Our Team


    Tadeáš invents and applies game mechanics and makes the game well-balanced. His main responsibility lies in making all kinds of analysis for managing and improving our studio. He takes care of the community and promotion of the game.


    Markéta is the project manager and is responsible for the production process. She often participates in game testing, graphic designing, and text editing. A big part of her job is taking care of the game rules. She also communicates with the media.


    Tomáš is an experienced game designer. One of his own board games will be presented to the world soon. He also helps with making the sophisticated prototypes and converting games on to the digital platforms such as Tabletopia.


    Iveta is the main illustrator and graphic designer. She has experience in video games and marketing. As a perfectionist, you always find her work very detailed and well thought out. In her free time, she continuously strives to improve her illustration skills.


    Alladjex provides feedback throughout the project and contributes with new ideas, options and improvements. He is also a copywriter and cares about the community on our social media. He also has his own YouTube channel about board games.


    Michal specializes in building and delivering successful crowdfunding campaigns. He makes sure the community thrives, produces fresh content and, as a game designer, he refines and develops new games.

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