A House in Flames

With help from scaly giants, the mages tore down the fortifications, the towers, and all the buildings in the citadel of Arakius. They buried the cellars, the vaults, and the dungeons. They burnt every patch of soil in the land, while news of the fall of Rasgaroth continued to reach more and more ears in the Kladar Plain. The immense weight of long oppression melted away in relief and celebration throughout society.

However, when one tastes the delicious flavour of power, it is hard to give it up. Even though some of the Great made strong objections, the Order of Vis decided not to repel the dragons, but to keep them until order and peace were restored and all of the tyrant’s minions were found and punished. Tyvor, who could assume full rights to be blinded by the victory, was the first to notice that the roles of those at the ends of the leash had swapped. The dragons broke loose from the bind of the mages’ will. With their claws and maws they took Kladar, the residents sobering up in a house in flames.

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