Become a Monster

A flood of monsters, beasts, and other dangerous beings spreads throughout the land of Euthia. How will you fight against the root of all dark magic, Faer?

We’re proud to point out that we hired the most dangerous monsters you could find in the world of board games…your fellow players and opponents! When you decide to encounter and start combat with a monster, one of your opponents will take control of the beast. Since Euthia: Torment of Resurrection is a competitive game, it‘s in their favor to be as effective as they can…and that is very scary!

However, several twists make the combat in Euthia: Torment of Resurrection unique. In addition to the three basic characteristics found on most board game creatures (attack strength, health, and special abilities), creatures in Euthia also have Chaos and Gaar.

Chaos is used by a player-controlled monster to play special cards. But, monsters don’t come with their own cards! Instead, you will have to gather the monster ability cards as rewards for your actions throughout your turns. This basic mechanic is completely entangled into the strategy and system of the whole game.

The cards come in two versions – Silver and Gold. Every card has a basic effect, but you can also play combos of two or three cards of the same type to invoke an even more powerful ability.

There are other twists you’ll encounter during combat like pieces of condensed magic called Gaar or the Die of Hope which invokes the intervention of the goddess Shii to help unfortunate adventures. These systems make combat interesting and challenging, not only for the hero but also for the player controlling the monster.

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