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What a year! There were so many ups and downs it felt like a rollercoaster ride, but we’re nowhere near finished. While Kickstarter pledges are being delivered and our online store is almost entirely sold out, we have a big announcement to make. And there’s also a giveaway!

Euthia: Fierce Powers Is Coming on Gamefound

In Q1 2022, we will launch a Gamefound campaign for a reprint of Euthia: Torment of Resurrection and a new big box expansion, Fierce Powers.

Are you prepared to face the rising darkness that plagues the land?

Fierce Powers will introduce a new hero who can control companions, four new scenarios with unique gameplay mechanics, more modular map tiles, new treasures to find, and another type of elemental power to encounter!

There’s also extra abilities for the base game heroes that will allow you build even more diverse characters every game. A secret surprise that was sleeping dormant in the base game, hidden under the plain sight, will be awaken with the arrival of Fierce Powers!

Monthly Discussion with a Giveaway

What you think is extremely important to us, so we’d like to start a new monthly discussion including a giveaway in which you can share your thoughts on different aspects of board gaming and also learn what others think.

And the first topic couldn’t be anything else than..

What’s Your View on Solo Gaming?

From the Kickstarter campaign, we know that there are many solo gamers among you, and that’s why we focus on developing our games with a challenging yet entertaining solo modes in mind. We value your opinion and we’d love to hear what you think:

  • Do you like to play against the game or do you prefer to beat your own score?
  • Do you even like to play solo?

Let us know! We’ll give away a DIEA Games goodie of your choice to one person who joins the discussion. We’ll share the results of the survey with a commentary next month.

DIEA Games Projects

Euthia: ToR

Deliveries are in full swing, the digital app was released for Android and iOS, Polish and Spanish digital translations are available. If you have missed the game, reprint is coming in Q1 2022. Click for all downloadable files.

Euthia: Fierce Powers

A new expansion for Euthia will launch on Gamefound in Q1 2022 along with the reprint of the base game! Plenty of badass minis included. Join us on our Discord for a regular dose of spoilers!

Tesi 1X: Echoes of Universe

Have you ever wanted to be in charge of a space agency searching for extraterrestrial life by building telescopes, and sending probes to our Solar System planets? Follow the development of TESI 1X on our Discord.

Community Highlights

Paul Grogan

Learn Euthia with Paul from the Gaming Rules! channel as he plays through the Walking Destruction scenario!

Rolling Solo

Check out this amazing game overview and solo gameplay video with highlights from The Hunt scenario.

Rob's Gaming Table

Watch Rob and Mel's full 2‑player game of the Lord's Request scenario.

A big thank you to Josef S. and Davide T. from the Euthia Community Facebook Group who took the pictures below and shared it with all of us!

That’s all from us for now. We hope you have a warm and relaxing holiday season! See you in January.

Markéta, Tadeáš, and Michal

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