Equipment Parade

If we had a shop and could put all the equipment that Euthia: Torment of Resurrection has to offer on our shelves, we would be proud to show you all that we have to offer.

On the hero board, you will find your hero abilities on the left side and slots devoted to holding your precious equipment on the right side.

You’ll need to protect your body! Armor consists of five parts: helmet, cuirass, gloves, greaves, and boots. Armor also comes in five different types. In addition to the standard leather, mail, and plate variants, krak and dragon armor can be found within Dragonslayer Towers.

The primary reason to invest in expensive armor is to have a higher health pool. The more health points, the longer you can stay in combat and defeat more dangerous enemies. However, there are factors other than health to consider when choosing armor. Your armor could provide other benefits or, due to its weight, could reduce the space available for other items. Which would you prefer…lightweight leather boots which give you a bonus movement, or krak gloves used by masters of mining?

Almost every piece of armor is upgradable by gems. Our designers went a bit crazy and designed eight types of gems (e.g. ruby for improving the health of hero, emerald for incredible luck, opal with healing powers, or demon stone with daemonic power). Gems can be acquired through mining, bought at places of trade, found in treasures, or obtained as a reward.

Let‘s continue with the tour of our Euthian shop…

It‘s often in RPG games that you can make sets of armor. Completing a set of armor not only gives you a reason to be proud of yourself and what you‘ve achieved, but armor sets also provide special bonuses, which we provide through jewelry. 

Amulets and rings are standalone items. Rings could be made both prettier and more powerful through the use of gems. Amulets have different powers depending on the number of parts of a hero’s armor set that are the same material (e.g. leather, mail, plate, etc).

What’s that room in the back of our shop you ask? That’s where you’ll find the many useful items that you won’t be wearing…the things hidden in your sacks and backpacks. Our tour is done for today, but rest assured, we’ll take you back there in a future diary entry.

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