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We’ve decided to battle the remaining waves of cold weather with some hot news! There is new stock in the Euthia Online Store, the first Gamefound pre-campaign updatea new giveaway, an article, and more community content coming your way!

Euthia Online Store Sale

We have added new stock into the Euthia Online Store! These are the last remaining copies of Euthia: Torment of Resurrection and add‑ons that will be available before the reprint that’s part of the upcoming Gamefound campaign.

If you or your friends don’t want to wait for the reprint to arrive, take a look! Hopefully, you’ll be able to snatch one of the last copies of Euthia that are floating around. And at a discount on top of that.

Euthia: ToR & Fierce Powers

The first pre-campaign update is out! Check it out to learn more about the reprinted as well as new content that you’ll be able to get. And there’s plenty of more coming before the campaign starts so stay tuned.

We’ve also passed the milestone of 5000 followers! If you didn’t have the date marked on your calendar before, remember that we launch on Monday, May 2.

Follow the campaign so you won’t miss the rest of the pre-campaign updates we have prepared or the gifts that we have for both new and returning backers. The community there is just amazing!

Monthly giveaway

What’s Your View on Project Updates?

Entertaining project updates are among the most important elements of a successful crowdfunding campaign. Therefore, a crucial decision for every creator is how to structure and plan the content, frequency, and theme of these updates. While some campaigns focus mostly on in-depth descriptions of gameplay mechanics, others highlight the thematic ties of the game through story updates filled with lore. But there are also video updates, daily unlock reveals, Q&As, voting on new stretch goals, and behind‑the‑scenes content. So many intriguing options to try!

Your opinion is important to us, and so we’d love to hear what you find most interesting to read about during crowdfunding campaigns. Let us know! We’ll give away a DIEA Games goodie of your choice to one person who joins the discussion. We’ll share the results with you next month.

What Are Your Gaming Preferences?

Last time we asked you what your general gaming preferences are in terms of player count, length, and complexity, and we’re so excited that over 400 people from the community shared their thoughts! We’ve collated the results and published them in an article. Check it out and let us know if they fit you as well!

Board Game Community Highlights

One Stop Co-op Shop

Colin made one of the most entertaining playthroughs we've seen so far! Don't forget there is also Part 2 so you won't miss the ending of the adventure.

big thank you to sunlightthief from the DIEA Games Community Discord who shared the pictures below with us!

That’s all from us for now. And instead of waiting for the next month’s newsletter, come hang around and chat with us on the social media of your choice.

Markéta, Tadeáš, and Michal

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