What Are Your Gaming Preferences?

We realize that everyone has a different taste when it comes to the most important decision of the day, which is, of course, what game will make it to the table. Since we highly value the opinions of our community, we have asked you about your gaming preferences in our last newsletter. 402 people joined the discussion, and we’re excited to share the results with everyone. Let’s take a look.

Please note that, as opposed to the previous (and possibly also upcoming) surveys, the results are specific to the community that has grown around Euthia: Torment of Resurrection and DIEA Games in general, so these answers are in no way supposed to represent all board gamers in general. It was also possible to choose more than one answer for the questions below, which is why the total count or percentage goes above 100% when summed up.

In the first question, we asked about the usual player count of your gaming sessions, and while the standard player count of 1-4 is the most prevalent, the results clearly lean towards playing in smaller numbers (see the results of the previous survey focused on playing games solo). These numbers are still probably skewed by the worldwide pandemic, and it would be very interesting to see how much these results would change in a year from now, particularly if (fingers crossed) the pandemic is over by then.

As you can see above, the charts reveal some correlation between the preferred game length and game complexity. It appears the games that belong to the heavier end of the spectrum take the cake, which naturally pairs rather well with a longer playtime. Altogether, games that last between 60 and 150 minutes seem to be the most liked. That is understandable as that time investment isn’t overly demanding but it still allows enough time for the mechanics of the heavier games to properly shine through.

When we look at the specific examples of your top picks below, it only supports the overwhelming preference for longer and more complex games. What is more, considering the strength of the solo community of Euthia:ToR and board gaming in general, it is no surprise that 4 of the games are among the Top 10 Solo Games as voted by the users on BoardGameGeek.

As far as the reasons why your favorite game is your favorite, the most obvious reason is that its mechanics simply fit your taste. Every answer that mentioned a specific gameplay mechanic was also collated under the general term mechanics

The second place goes to replayability and the general variety the games offer. This includes the diversity of choices players can make, or whether a game is expandable or customizable. It also encompasses modular elements, asymmetric characters or factions, and the fact that every playthrough feels different as a result. The fact that a game can simply offer a huge amount of content for players to go through fits in here as well.

The third most important factor is the story. This category represents both the emergent narrative, a story that players construct based on their experience and actions during a playthrough, as well as embedded narrative, which is a story intentionally put into the game by the writer / designer. Therefore, what falls into the story category are not only campaign games based on scenarios, with quests or the possibility to roleplay, but also games that serve as mediums for creating memorable stories based on each playthrough.

The setting category is also divided into two large groups, which are games with a strong theme that invites immersion, and games with a particular theme that individual players enjoy. Either way, the most often repeated specification here was “games that take me to another world”, be it the Lord of the Rings universe or Lovecraftian dream world.

Production quality groups together everything that is pleasing and/or tactile about games and their components. This can mean miniatures (and also the fact that there are a lot of them), quality of the cards and other components, but also beautiful artwork, visuals, and the overall presentation of the game.

The two remaining categories, character development and ease of play could both be counted towards mechanics (or the story in the case of the former). However, we’ve left these two separate because of how often they appeared and how specific these criteria can be. While character development is clear, by the ease of play the community understands several different things. For instance, how accessible a game is even for inexperienced players, whether a game’s mechanics are simple to understand (but are not necessarily simple per se), or how long a game takes to set up or tear down.  

So there you have it. What about you? Do your general gaming preferences match these or are they completely different? Let us know! And a big thanks to everyone who joined the discussion!

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