Rock Climbing Hero Abilities

Hey RPG climbers! Are you curious to see what our rock wall of hero abilities looks like? Let’s check it out!

Leveling in Euthia isn’t done in the traditional sense. You won’t say: “Hey guys! I have enough XP to level up, therefore I receive 1 point in Intelligence!” No, the players won’t receive any free IQ points. How you “level“ in Euthia is by acquiring new abilities in which you will be trained at places of trade.

Every hero has a unique chain of skills, spells, and techniques, but they have to gather enough reputation and to be able to pay for and train in them. There are twelve reputation milestones, each with new abilities. Throughout the first eight milestones, you will always be faced with a choice to make. How so? Because there are two abilities to choose from, but you can only keep one. The choice is not an easy one to make, yet it will dramatically change how you play the game and will determine the path that your hero will follow.

Still unclear and need an example? Let’s say you’ve been playing as the muscled up Dral.  What is he going to do with all those muscles?  With two points of reputation, he has to choose between Furious Charge and Prospector. By choosing Furious Charge, he could become a famous monster-slayer always teasing death. Instead, he might choose relax a bit and amass a fortune and gain reputation through mining, by choosing Prospector.

There are no predefined combinations. Choose whatever you like. You are free to choose what you think might be the best strategic choice…or to just experiment if that’s what you wish. Remember also that each hero has their own unique chain of skills, so if you choose to play another hero the next time you play, you will have a completely different spectrum of skills to choose from.

Although Euthia: Torment of Resurrection doesn’t have experience points, rest assured that every gaming session will bring new experiences depending on the hero you choose to control and the path you choose to take with that hero.

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