In Action!

When you leave the shelter of the Church of St. Michael for the first time, you might feel overwhelmed by the breadth of options and game mechanics. But rest easy, as you’ll find out, the heart of the game is simple!

We’ve worked on Euthia: Torment of Resurrection over the last two years and in that time it‘s evolved quite a bit from our previous game, Legendy země Euthie (published only in Czech). We decided to change the name because we reworked or rethought almost every piece of the previous game. Despite the changes, the foundations of the original were solid and we saw no need to change them. One of those foundations is the core mechanic of three actions and movement.

At the beginning of each turn, a player receives three tokens. Each token can be used either to perform a desired action or to spend as move points.

For example, one token will allow you to either take a single step OR perform a mining action.  Another token will allow you to either take two steps OR perform a trade action.  A third token will allow you to either take three steps OR perform a combat action.  How you choose to use the tokens is up to you.  Do you take six steps, four steps and trade, five steps and mine?  Once again, the choice is yours!

Moreover, your action tokens are almost never wasted. You can always transfer one of the unused tokens to the next turn if you don‘t need it in the current turn.

All other activities you might perform will not require spending action tokens. Perhaps you’ve taken a move action and stepped on a hex with treasure? Just take it. Are you visiting an NPC and would like to finish the quest? Simply complete it and take a reward. Many of the activities you can perform are, therefore, limited only by your movement.

The whole system is that simple! You just need understand how to trade, mine, grab the treasure, and perform similar actions. We’ve tried to make everything as clear and intuitive as possible. After you see how easy it is make that first trade, you won’t have any problems visiting any merchant or alchemist shop in Euthia. The only problem you might have, however, will be deciding what to choose from amongst their vast offering. Will you buy a ring or complete your armor set? Perhaps you might want to take a scroll or refill your Gaar.

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