Open-world Modular Board

It’s quite a bold statement to say that Euthia: Torment of Resurrection is an open-world board game, isn’t it? Let’s more closely examine how you will travel through this open world.

The core of the everchanging experience is the modular map. Your heroes will explore the world by traveling through tri-hexes – map tiles containing three hexes. Your journey starts at the Church of St. Michael. From there, you choose which direction to go in. Will you stay in the safety of already discovered tiles or will you explore yet uncovered hidden lands? The choice is yours.

The tiles are divided into five regions (we call them chapters): Grove, Wetland, Swamp, Desolated Rainforest, Forbidden Land. With every step taken further away from the asylum granted by the Church of St. Michael, you will face increasingly dangerous threats and more difficult challenges. The farthest reaches, within the Forbidden Lands, is where you will face off against the dragon, Brasath.

Not all tri-hexes will be used in every game and the shape of the map will depend on the players and the paths they choose as they progress through each region. Thus, like open-world video games, each playthrough will have it’s own unique feel and rhythm.

There are many people you can meet or locations to discover on the map and it’s hard to list them all. You will encounter alchemists, merchants, and dragonslayer towers where you can buy new equipment. You will discover places of elemental power, monsters, and treasure, just to name a few. Fortunately, there is a portal system you can utilize to visit all of these places…free of charge!

Portals are, typically, quite boring teleportation devices which connects two points on the map. We’ve taken our portals a bit further. Our portals are truly magical and if your hero steps on one of them, they are present on all of them. However, this is not just a gimmick to make Euthia fancy. It has a direct implication on gameplay, strategy, and even exploration of the map. Additionally, it motivates players to explore the entire map and to look for opportunities to increase their reputation, even if they are on the other edge of the world. (We joke in our team that the portals use quantum entanglement, in case you are a fan of quantum physics.)

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