Open-world of Euthia

Your adventure always begins in the church of St. Michael. However, it is up to you to decide which way your hero will go and what path they will follow. The game is played on the modular, tile-based map, which each “tile” consisting of three hexes. At the start of the game, the surroundings of the church are unknown to you and you will have to uncover the mysteries of the land as you explore the world around you.

There are plenty of things to be discovered and it’s hard to tell you about all of them. There are treasures to be found, but also elementals with their tricky powers waiting for you. Would you like to buy new equipment? There are places of trade to be found. Caves, mountains and lakes hide not only raw materials, but gems of magical power. You will meet the inhabitants of Euthia who search for someone to help them in their quests. And, of course, monsters are threatening the entire land.

Map tiles are divided into five Chapters, from the relatively safe plains and grooves surrounding the church of St. Michael, up to the horrifying desolated land. But be bold. Through the course of the game, your hero will gather the experience, abilities, and equipment necessary to dive even into such dangerous territories.

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