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Euthia: Torment of Resurrection contains three scenarios related to three dragons: Farruga, Mirrezil, and Brasath. But what does this mean and what can you expect?

What we refer to as scenarios could also be called modes, twists, etc. depending upon your experience and preference in board games. We’ve decided to use the term “scenario” because of the idea behind these variants – the theme of three dragons.

Euthia is a strategic competitive board game. The basic ruleset is the same for all three scenarios. Each dragon, or scenario, adds a few more unique rules and components, tells you how many rounds you will play, and tells you how to prepare the map tiles.

For example, Farruga attacks the settlements of Euthia at the end of the game, which occurs after 12 rounds. Every hero can try to protect the inhabitants and their homes during the dragon’s attack. Successfully protecting the inhabitants and their homes provides reputation points. Thus, if you choose to focus on levelling and equipping your hero throughout the course of the game instead of bothering with things like events and dragon attacks, this scenario probably fits you well. Farruga is the stereotypical dragon that rules with the pure powers of nature, much like the fire he breathes.

Mirezzil is a force of exaggerated emotion and you will feel her presence through the whole game during the“Threat of Mirrezil” scenario. During this scenario, you will face events divided into three phases where each hero will have to decide whether they try to invoke defense magic or to ignore the event and deal with consequences.

Of the three dragons, Brasath is the most terrifying. His nature is deeply intertwined with the dark magic, Faer. You will have to search for and acquire legendary artifacts to help you in the fight against this beast.

As you can hopefully see, the scenarios provide unique “add-ons” to the base ruleset which changes the experience you will have when playing Euthia: Torment of Resurrection. However, given that the core of the game rests upon a basic strategic ruleset regardless of the scenario being played, you need not worry that each separate scenario will require you to have to read tens of pages changing the basic concepts. 

The only thing you have to be afraid of…is the wrath of the dragons!

(Please note that you should not expect any legacy or campaign content.)

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