Skills, Equip & RPG

It doesn‘t matter which game you play – if it’s an RPG, everybody plays it because they like to level up, acquire new skills, and gather new equipment. This is the experience we‘re looking for and we don‘t want to have to play for hours to learn one simple ability or to find the first poor man‘s sword.

In Euthia, every hero has their own chain of skills. New abilities, spells, or weapons are unlocked as the hero gathers reputation. Your hero receives reputation points for fighting, completing quests, mining, and other actions. Additionally, almost all skills come in pairs and you will have to decide which skill to keep as it best fits into your overall strategy. 

Another component of the RPG experience is equipment. Perhaps you wouldn’t believe us if we told you that you would come across an incredible variety of armor, weapons, potions, jewelry, etc. during your travels in Euthia. What if we told you that we have five types of armor with each type consisting of five parts (helmet, cuirass, greaves, boots, and gloves) and that every part can provide various bonuses? We also have no class restrictions, so you are limited only by your strategy, preferences, and the way you would like to develop your character.

You’ll find much more than skills and armor in Euthia, but we’ll keep other secrets like jewelry, armor sets, potions, scrolls, elemental essences, and upgrading with gems…for another log.

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