Territory of Elements

Elementals are powerful beings. They are not aggressive, kind, or immoral. Should you be bold and visit these places of elemental powers?

Elementals by themselves reside on one map hex, but they spread their powers to all adjacent map hexes. If you are traveling through these lands they can either provide you with a bonus or inflict unpleasant effects.

Earth elementals give a bonus to rolls during combat. Fire elementals injure heroes any time they traverse through their territory. Conversely, water elementals possess the power of healing. Finally, air elementals blow on the dice and twist the results.

Your hero may be considering whether or not to enter the hex where an elemental dwells. Upon stepping onto that hex, the encounter can result in a variety of situations and it’s hard to know if the encounter will be beneficial or harmful. However, one of the reasons you might want to undergo the risk is to obtain elemental essence.

Essences are precious ingredients that have powerful effects when consumed. You should absolutely consider gathering fire essence for the final fight with a dragon! Essence can also be used to unlock slots for the slumbering powers of your heroes. Although we wouldn‘t recommend doing so other than in times of financial crisis, you could easily sell essence at any place of trade. Oh, that reminds me! In case you haven’t already heard, the druid is willing to trade essences for a valuable reward.

As you can see, elementals are based on quite simple principles. They provide twists to only a small portion of the map, not twist the entire game. Still, their presence when exploring unknown and dangerous parts of the land is thrilling! Besides, elemental essences don’t serve only a single purpose in the game, they further demonstrate that Euthia: Torment of Resurrection is flourishing with options, choices, and decisions.

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