The Power of Gaar

The domain of RPG board games is immense but one thing you always hear, again and again, are the rumors of mighty heroes, their abilities and weapons, and terrifying creatures they have to face. But what you won’t find anywhere else except within Euthia is the feeling of real energy pulsing within condensed magic. The power of Gaar!

It’s simple to present great illustrations of Heroes and their equipment, to write about the beasts and horrifying foes that players will have to fight against, and to show what an incredible open-world adventurers will travel across marvelous looking map tiles.

But sometimes, the real magic is hidden in the details, and one such detail, especially precious in Euthia, is Gaar. These tokens with an unusual name have incredible power to reroll dice and add 2 to the result. Dice-rolling is notoriously driven by luck. With this simple twist, this detail, the dice roll becomes a strategic element.

Perhaps you’ve wondered why we so often express that Euthia is a strategic game even though the Combat, and a few other mechanics, use dice rolls. Gaar is the reason! It is one of the tools which can help Heroes to alter their bad luck. It would be wise, therefore, to always keep some condensed magic in your reserve so as to fight the fate of your dice rolls.

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