This Mine is Mine!

Everyone is always talking about fighting, battles, and killing. What if we’re tired of fighting? Is there something we can do other than battle with and kill perilous monsters? Yes, there is. We could mine!

There are four core mechanics in Euthia: Torment of Resurrection. These mechanics include Move, Combat, Trade and, finally, Mining. The last option is far from being just an add-on to your activities. Prioritizing the digging and gathering of precious material is definitely a strategy you should consider.

Let’s be honest, it‘s hard to avoid fighting monsters. Most of the places where you could make a Mining action – mountains, lakes, and caves – have to be torn away from the claws of furious monsters. If you are the slayer who killed the beast, you can mark the mining place with your token. The other player can use it afterward and without having to fight, but they will have to pay you for your previous effort. The mine belongs to you, after all!

You can find various raw materials in the mountains, lakes, and caves of Euthia. You might find a gold nugget, iron, silver, pearls, pure euthium, or more that you could take directly to the shop to trade for money, resources, or gems to upgrade your armor and weapons. Additionally, you can often choose between two different rewards. For example, while mining you might find some raw ruby and decide to take it to the shop. Once at the shop, you can decide to trade it for some gold and reputation, or you might decide you would rather have gold and a gem that can be used to upgrade your armor and weapons. The choice is yours!

When we designed Euthia: Torment of Resurrection we wanted to provide players with options other than simply gathering and selling resources. Many of the things you gather in the game could be used in more than one way. Natural resources, for example, could be used to help resolve quests and help various characters in Euthia instead of being offered to greedy merchants or crazy alchemists.

While we’ve not yet discussed the mysteries of your Heroes‘ equipment in depth, we would like to mention that there is a special characteristic on some armor types, depicted with a hammer and pickaxe symbol, which allows you to choose one of three natural resources when mining. You are free to choose which resource you want, but once you select your desired resource, you must keep it. You might find an onyx gem, for example, which you could use to improve your mining skills, so be prepared to meet some mighty prospectors on your voyages into the land of Euthia!

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